VISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION is a Society which was founded on 1995 and is working in the district of Ganjam, Orissa, India. The organisation was conceived by a few young, energetic and local youths belonging from different professions and backgrounds, charged with the vision of working with the marginalised sections of rural communities. Khurda is considered to be one of the most backward and underdeveloped districts of the state yet it has a rich abundance of natural resources. Huge amounts have been allocated & spent on programmes for the poorest people but all these have had none or little impact. VISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION has been undertaking various community based interventions. A registered Society is operational since 2006 to enable the social economically, marginalized, to become self-reliant. VISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION is operating at various blocks of Khurda District in the State of Odisha.




Dreaming of a just, equitable & sustainable society where vulnerable can lead a healthy & dignified living without any discrimination by fulfilling their basic necessities, enjoying their rights & discharging their duties.



VISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION plays a role of a catalyst and adopts community participatory approach for advancing the cause of the vulnerable, creating opportunity and building up their capacity.



VISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION aVISION FOR SPIRITUAL AND SOCIAL ACTION at making the vulnerable sections of the society conscious of their rights and duties in order to give them access .


Social Programme

Programme On Drug De-Addiction Thousand of people are addicted to drugs and alcohol resulting in poor health, mental & psychological disorder and often broken families. In order to set things right, The Organization has started counseling programme.

Cultural Programme

The Organization is making awarness on various programs through cultural programs like local cultural progr, daskathi, palla, dandanacha etc.Such activities help to promote a common sense of brotherhood among the various segments .

 "Giving is not just about make a Donation, it's about making a Difference . God Loves the Cheerful Giver."